BMU Cradle Window Cleaners London

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BMU Cradle Window Cleaners London

BMU cradle window cleaning staff use equipment previously installed by the client. They are in fact part of the building structure to enable maintenance of the exterior façade.

Using cradles truly makes every elevation accessible for window cleaners.

BMU’s certainly are amazing pieces of equipment, that really do provide a full scope of mobility. Above all, they access every corner of a building. Specifically designed to suit each structure and with  safety measures built in.

As well as traditional window cleaning methods, they can also be used with reach & wash systems.

In conclusion, they really are an effective method for our window cleaners to work in London.



Not all cradles are equal. Every time our window cleaners use a new cradle they are trained how to operate that specific piece of equipment.


As part of the cradle training course, operatives are versed in the emergency procedures to ensure safe working practices are known.

Safety Checks

Before starting any cradle works, our operatives will carry out and record a multi point safety audit of each step of the process.

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