Cherrypicker Window Cleaners London

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Cherrypicker Window Cleaners London

Our window cleaners in London often use cherry pickers or MEWP's. They give access to windows that can't be cleaned using other methods.

These machines defy all visual logics of physics and can allow us to reach to extremely awkward windows.

Every operator holds the relevant IPAF licence to use these machines in complete safety.

Cleaning windows using a MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) allows us to have more materials and equipment available at the work area. In cases of after builders cleaning, far more water is required, MEWP's allow us to do this with ease.

There are also cases that require chemicals, scrapers, polishes and vast amounts of clean cloths. All this is possible when cleaning windows using cherrypickers.

When combined with portable reach & wash systems, MEWP's allow access to awkward windows, in particular, to clean behind Juliet balcony glass.

Carrying this amount of equipment using any other method would be impossible.

Truck mounted cherry picker
Truck mounts up to 100m

Truck mounted cherry pickers allow us to clean windows up to a huge 100m from ground level.

Boom lift
Boom lifts to 45m

The versatility of a boom lift is the most popular cherry pickers and is often used on construction sites.

Teupen MEWP
Tracked up 45m

Ideal for uneven surfaces. Used internally or externally can pass through a double door.

Scissor lift
Scissor lift up to 15m

Perfect for internal window cleaning. Can pass through a normal doorway and does not require outriggers.

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