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rope access window cleaners London

When choosing rope access window cleaners in London, there are some areas that need to be addressed. For example, staff must be IRATA trained and supervised by a Level 3 specialist. Therefore, this is mandatory. Level 3 rope access technicians have been specifically trained to supervise. They have intense training in rigging, for example, and are experts in rescue situations.

In depth Risk Assessments & Method Statements should be written to illustrate ALL risks and explain how they will be minimised. In fact, two pages just doesn’t cover it!

In addition, the Method Statement should be step by step of how the window cleaning will be completed safely. From signing in, right up to leaving your building. Again, a couple of pages will not suffice. Furthermore, it must have enough information for to staff to complete the work in absolute safety.

Consequently, we provide a 40-page document. Including equipment checks & training certificates, which are equally important. We cover every aspect from PPE and rigging points to illustrate the cleaning process.

You will certainly have this before we even start to squeegee windows.

Why choose rope access?

There are many advantages to choosing rope access window cleaners, specifically;

When using rope access, there is no requirement for local authority permits, therefore, no long lead times. Also, the additional cost of the permit is removed for client. Subsequently making abseiling very cost effective.

Abseiling is practical for buildings with complex designs or with extreme height. Therefore, making the previously inaccessible, accessible. We have successfully completed window cleaning at 20 Fenchurch Street, Broadgate Tower & Heron Tower.

In addition to the practicality of rope access, there is also the convenience. Especially the fact that all our equipment is cleared from site after each shift, leaving no unsightly machinery on site.

“The chaps at Regency Cleaning Ltd have done an excellent job of our window cleaning. Their abseilers are very knowledgeable and work very efficiently. Thank you for your hard work.

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